Networking Obstacles

Networking Obstacles

Chi Chi Okezie – May 2017

Networking is definitely a key component to career, business or academic success. Being able to overcome common obstacles takes focus, skill and dedication. Savvy networkers can be efficient and effective in their endeavors when they are able to make good decisions.

Listed below are helpful tips for maneuvering through common networking challenges.


Pick and Choose

There are instances when you have two or more events scheduled for the same time. It is impossible to attend them all, thus you have to choose an event. It can be difficult especially if there are opportunities which can arise from one or more events. How do you select the right event to attend? A good suggestion, is to contact the organizer of the event and ask if the event is re-occurring. If the event will take place in the following months then plan to attend at a later time. Another idea is to ask the organizer or host who will be attending. If the guest list matches up with your potential customers, clients or partners then opt to attend that event. Also, check the agenda or program, if possible. Will there be a notable speaker? Will there be a good presentation? By answering these questions, it can give you insight as to how to make the proper decision.


Time Management

Another great way to scale your networking is to attend functions which are relevant to your goals. Do not attend an event just because you do not have a prior commitment or can afford to make an appearance. Go to a function because you believe it has quality and adds value to your networking advancement. You can also pick events that can benefit others in your networks and expose them to similar opportunities. Definitely take the time to evaluate your processes and make proper use of your time.

Use these tips and suggestions to effectively make connections and grow your networks. Find the value and importance of attending the right events and being success in your endeavors.

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